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Berlin, 20. - 21.01.2017

last woman standing

We're going to conquer the arena - the Velodrom Berlin!

For the first time in RAD RACE history we're hosting a track race .... and we are very curious to have that polished legendary wood beneath our tires. Especially during an electric "Last Man Standing" elimination race. Needless to say that we are sending hugs and kisses to the organizers of SIX DAY Berlin who made this possible . Get ready for the first spectacle of the RAD RACE Season 2017. Seeeee ya in Berlin!


The Official poster made by hanna plagens


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20th & 21st January 2017
Open Training: 1 to 3 P.M.
Start: around 12 A.M.
End of Race: around 2 A.M.
After-Race-Party: TBA


Velodrom Berlin
Paul-Heyse-Str. 26
10407 Berlin


100 riders maximum
80 male/ 20 female

All participants aged below 18 years of age
need a letter of consent signed by their parents.

Fixed Gear only
No brakes. Track bikes. Only dropbars.
No riser or bullhorns!
18 spokes minimum. No tri-spokes. No platform pedals.
Recommended gear ratio: 50X15 or 48X14
Only experienced track riders. No track rookies allowed.
No helmet, no ride!!!

How to get there:

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Starter Kits


  • All riders have free entry at SIX DAY Berlin on Friday & Saturday
  • Starter Kit 1: 29,90 €
  • Starter Kit 2: 35,90 € (incl. RAD RACE DeFeet Socks)
  • Starter Kit 3: 104,90 € (incl. RAD RACE Cycling Jersey)

Registration from December 10th 3 P.M. First come, first served. We'll stop after 100 registrations. After that there will be a waiting list. The starter list will be published after registration has started.


Bragging rights !
Plus some awesome prizes from our partners.

Canyon // Oakley // Abus // Gore Bike Wear // Iriedaily // DT Swiss // Beck's // Clif Bar // Selle San Marco

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RAD RACE Last Wo/Man Standing Mode:
In the qualifikation and all other laps - except for the finals - there are 10 riders in one heat. There are 15 laps total. In the first lap there’s a derny that you must not overtake. The derny leaves the track after one lap. The second lap is live. The third lap means elimination for the last rider. And from then on in this rhythm. After every 3rd lap the last rider is eliminated. The first 5 make it into the next round. This means 5 rider will get kicked out after every race. In the finals there will be 9 instead of 5 elimination laps. Until only one is still standing. This means in the finals 1 neutral lap behind the derny. The second lap is live and from the third lap on „Elimination!“. And from then on every 3rd lap the last rider is kicked out of the race. This means the final has 27 laps total.

We offer 100 starting spots in the Velodrom - 80 male and 20 female riders. There will be no quarterfinal in the women's race so every female rider is competing at least two times. On Friday there will be the qualification and quarter finals for men and qualification for women. On Saturday there will be the semi finals and finals for male and female.

TOP RULZ RAD RACE Last Man Standing
1. Ride hard. Ride fair. Ride safe!
2. We ride to the left. Against the clock. You may overtake on the right. You’re only allowed to overtake on the left when the slower cyclist is riding above the red line.
3. You are not allowed to overtake a rider when he is riding ON or BELOW the red line.
4. In general please no unnecessary change of lanes.
5. Beware of the „Sprint Corridor“. Hold your line in any sprint you take.
6. Always make sure you’re safe while changing your lane. Shoulder view where your competitors are!
7. The last one is kicked out after every lap. You gotta leave the track right away!!!
8. Do not block someone.
9. No touchy touchy! Keep your elbows to yourself! If you want contact, use the After Show Party!
10. Riders are not allowed to leave the track to overtake other riders on the Côte d'Azur
11. The last lap is signalized by a bell
12. The start is from the ceiling on top of the track
13. The race will be fully repeated after a heavy crash. At smaller crashes or bike defects the race goes on.
14. Unfair riders will be dismissed from the race.
15. There is no „Overlap Rule“. If you ride a full lap on your own and you end up on the back of the field you’re automatically last rider. This means you can only ride a quarter lap in front of the field.





These are our brave riders. All registered athletes will be listed here.

Here's a short rule book for all our events. Please check it out!