Everybody can run a marathon, but just at this event you can ride the 42.195km fixed on blocked roads! 

We thought about riding a marathon on a fixed gear. Since two years we are racing on the last 42.195km of the Velothon Berlin. From the south of Berlin in the heart of the German capital. The whole race is on blocked roads. Nothing can stop you!

We really made this happen (and still cannot believe it). We crashed the last 42195 meters of one of the biggest roadbike races in Europe. In 2015 300 riders and in 2016 even more than 500 riders rode the RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships. These times the cops didn't chase us but they were supporting us in a legal and sanctioned races through the heart of Berlin. Get ready for the third edition in 2017.

It's getting fast from the first moment of this race! The german Autobahn has enough space for rad fixed gear riders to go fast!




RAD RACE Berlin 18.06.2017 →
Fixed42 World Championships –
in the official program of the Velothon Berlin
Fixed Gear Only. RAD RACE SERIES Event No. 2
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