Hamburg, 22.08.2015

Rad Race battle

The official event shirt can be purchased through starter kit 2.

The official event shirt can be purchased through starter kit 2.

In Warpspeed through Mönckebergstrasse!
The RAD RACE Battle emphasizes acceleration once again. Our sprint event will go down parallel to the Vattenfall Cyclassics Pastaparty. 
All you have to do is paddle like hell, be fast and advance from round to round to make it to the grand 1 on 1 final.

Mon on man and woman on woman.
No corners, no increase in altitude, just 200 meters of full speed.

The battle format is made for any kind of bike, no matter if road bike, MTB, fixed or single speed.





Details will follow


20095 Hamburg


Admission fee

Four different starter kits available starting at 14€

For women: If you register for one of our events you can bring a female friend that can participate for free


Bragging rights

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The RAD RACE Battle is suitable for roadbikes, fixed gear, single speeds, mountainbikes and generally all bikes that allow you to accelerate in a heartbeat.

All participants aged between 16 and 18 need a letter of consent signed by their parents.


Follow this link to find the Facebook event for the RAD RACE BATTLE, Hamburg 22.08.2015




You'll have to advance from round to round in order to make it to the grand final.

All riders start in a track stand on top of a ramp to be able to accelerate as quick as possible. Electronic time keeping will determine the winning times. This will be the ultimate high speed event on the eve of the HH Cyclassics.

  • Up to 200 starters
  • Individual races for Men and Women
  • Knock-Out-System
  • Everybody starts from a ramp to make acceleration easier
  • Track stand start // all riders will be assisted
  • The length of the racetrack will be approximately 200m
  • The faster rider advances to the next ride
  • Whoever manages to win every round of competition and dominates the final will be King of the battle




Here you'll find the disclaimer:

RAD RACE BATTLE, Hamburg 2015