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HEidbergring, 13.08.2016

rad race last woman standing

The second race of the RAD RACE SERIES 2016.

One ring to rule them all - For two years now Heidbergring has been transforming our riders faces into faces of sweat and fear. Here comes edition No.3 on the fastest track of the north. The established system remains the same: The slowest rider of each lap gets eliminated! Until there's only one person left - LAST MAN STANDING // LAST WOMAN STANDING!
900m of perfectly clean asphalt, a real wide racetrack, no inclined corners and simply lots of space for everything - perfect for roadbikes, fixed gear and single speed.

For the first time we will have the RAD RACE TEAM TRIAL on Sunday. 25 Teams of minimum 3 riders each (mixed teams wanted - gender & type of bikes) will race in a time trial. Your team will have the complete racetrack to itself riding 5 laps trying to pump out the fastest time of all teams. For the registration (5€ per rider) simply hit us up with an email.



Every rider who was kicked out in the first round of qualifying  - doesn't matter if road bike or fixed - gets the chance to race again in the ´´ALL OUT WAR``. The road-bikes as well as the fixed gears will ride an eight-round-race. In each race the fastest one will get a box of Becks! 




Fahrendorfer Weg 1
21502 Geesthacht

Please contact us (contact@rad-race.com) if you like to camp on site from friday to saturday.
Showers available for all athletes.

Whoever doesn't feel like camping can search for alternative accomodations right here!




12.08.2016 from 6 - 10 pm
13.08.2016 from 8 - 10 am

Open training:    
9:30 am - 10:45 am

Start of race:
11:00 am

End of race:
09:00 pm - Award ceremony directly after the race on the track.



All participants aged between 16 and 18 need a letter of consent signed by their parents.

There will be 2 categories:
Fixed Gear
Recommended gear ratio: 49/15, 50/16 or similar
(Singlespeed and Road Bikes / MTB / CX...with BRAKES)

No helmet, no ride!



Bragging rights
Plus some awesome prizes from our partners.
Canyon // Oakley // Vitamin Water // Gore Bike
Wear // Iriedaily // Ambrosio // Vredestein //
RooDol // Baicyclon

Join the Facebook Event for the RAD RACE LAST MAN STANDING, Heidbergring 13.08.2016.


Kit 1:
incl. campsite, showers, After-Race-Party

Kit 2:
incl. Event-Shirt

Kit 3:
incl. RAD RACE Jersey

For women: If you register for one of our events you can bring a female friend that can participate for free




Roodol- Warm up area

The warm up area in 2016 will be provided by our new partner RooDol®. There will be 12 spots at each event that can be used by all athletes to warm up and get that blood flowing.


Heidbergring will transform into a bike enthusiasts playground once again. Everybody is invited to offer parts, old bikes or other bike related stuff at the anual Heidbergring Bike Market. Only for private vendors.
Also all crews will have the opportunity to build up a crew tent to relax in and maybe offer some crew merchandise.
Also a selected handfull of commercial vendors will be there and strut their stuff. Everybody is more than invited to come on over and check out their cool stuff.



It will be 10 riders going against each other for 5 laps around the track. After each of the 5 laps the last rider will be eliminated which leaves the faster 5 riders moving on to the next round. Only in the grand final there will be 10 riders going for 9 laps with the last rider being eliminated after each lap once again. Whoever is still riding after 9 laps is our Last Man Standing/Last Woman Standing.

  • From qualifying all the way to the semifinal the modus operandi stays the same.
  • 10 riders - 5 laps - after each lap the last rider will be eliminated - the fastest 5 riders move on to the next round.
  • The grand final sees 10 riders going for 9 laps. After each lap the last rider gets eliminated until only one rider remains -
    The Last Man/Woman Standing

The surface of the racetrack is very clean asphalt. It is between 9-12 meters wide and excellent for any sort of bike…Roadbike, Fixie, Single Speed, MTB…it don’t matter as long as it’s fast! There is only 2-3 sharp corners everything else asks for pure speed.

This is an event of the 2016 RAD RACE SERIES therefore the results will affect the overall Series ranking (Teams and Individual rankings). The 3 best individual results of each team score for the team ranking.




Here's all details about the race and the disclaimer.