Heidbergring / hamburg, August 15th 2015

rad race last man standing
rad race last woman standing

Second edition Last Man Standing at Hamburg Heidbergring - The greatest biketrack that really isn’t a biketrack!

Things get exciting in Geesthacht next to Hamburg again! We proudly present the second Last Man Standing at HH-Heidbergring and the third leg of our RAD RACE SERIES.





Build Up from 3.30pm on. In case you wanna help as a volunteer, please just send a  Mail; we will say THANK YOU with a Wild Card for any RAD RACE of your choice
Arrival for all spectators and athletes from friday evening on; bring your tents and BBQ equipment

Registration and pick up of Starter Kits from 10-2:00pm. Make sure to be there in time.
Open Training from 10-2:30pm for everyone. Also non-registered riders.
Free Bicycle flea market from 10-6pm for everyone, non commercial. First come, first served.
The races start at 3pm, finals are happening at around 10pm, after that we will celebrate an After Show Party right on the track!

Free camping!





Open training:    
10:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr

Start of event: 15:00 Uhr

End of event: 23:00 Uhr

The official event shirt.

The official event shirt.


Fahrendorfer Weg 1
21502 Geesthacht

Please contact us (contact@rad-race.com) if you like to camp on site from friday to saturday.

Showers available for all athletes.

The warm-up zone powered by roodol for all athletes

The warm-up zone powered by roodol for all athletes


All participants aged between 16 and 18 need a letter of consent signed by their parents.

Races in 2 categories:
Fixed Gear
Gear ratio: 49/15
(Singlespeed and Road Bikes / Rennrad / MTB / Crosser... WITH BRAKES)


Entry fee

Choose between 4 starter kits, starting at 39€

For women: If you register for one of our events you can bring a female friend that can participate for free


Bragging rights

Plus some awesome prizes from our partners.
Irie Daily, Becks, SpokeMag, Aurora, Vitaminwater, Kappstein, Bagjack, Baicyclon


Our partner Heimplanet will provide a limited amount of tents for you guys to camp in. Please contact us to apply for a Heimplanet campsite.


Follow this link to find the Facebook Event for the RAD RACE Last Man Standing,
Heidbergring 15.08.2015.




From the qualifying all the way to the semifinal it will be 8 riders going against each other for 4 laps around the track. After each of the 4 laps the last rider will be eliminated which leaves the faster 4 riders moving on to the next round. Only in the grand final there will be 8 riders going for 7 laps with the last rider being eliminated after each lap.  Whoever is still riding after 7 laps is our Last Man Standing/Last Woman Standing.

  • The fields are limited to 128 Starters.
  • 16 qualifying groups with 8 riders each.
  • From qualifying all the way to the semifinal the modus operandi stays the same.
  • 8 riders - 4 laps - after each lap the last rider will be eliminated - the fastest 4 riders move on to the next round.
  • The grand final sees 8 riders going for 7 laps. After each lap the last rider gets eliminated until one rider remains:
    The Last Man/Woman Standing

The surface of the racetrack is very clean asphalt. It is between 9-12 meters wide and excellent for any sort of bike…Roadbike, Fixie, Single Speed, MTB…it don’t matter as long as it’s fast! There is only 2-3 sharp corners everything else asks for pure speed.


RAD RACE Last Man Standing Heidbergring 2015