About JoHN

He just started riding in 2015. He already took part in RAD RACE and RED HOOK CRIT. Unreal. His technical skills and power are already race proven and it really doesn't seem as if he just started riding. He's super ambitious. He loves the pain. Loves to suffer in training or in a race and he is a perfectionist. When you see him he will wear black - the shrimp kit is his only colourful piece in his wardrobe. It's all or nothing for him. And it ain't matter if it happens in a race or at a bar. Welcome John, so happy you're riding in the pack!


RAD PACK John Goehner RAD RACE Oakley

Set Up

Name: John Göhner

Place: Hamburg

Racing on: Fixed Gear, Road Bike

Bike: Canyon V-Rad, Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 9.0

Follow him: Instagram, Strava

Pics taken by Carlos Fernandez Laser, Calvin Cheung, Felix Speller and Ryan Carey. Thank You!