Innsbruck, 14.09.2017

Event recap RAD RACE "Tour de friends"

Stage 1

Team Le Cog - Peer-  Pic by Nils Laengner

Team Le Cog - Peer-  Pic by Nils Laengner

Start of Team Canyon RAD PACK - Pic by Pic by Nils Laengner

Start of Team Canyon RAD PACK - Pic by Pic by Nils Laengner



Story of the day

Tour de Friends is about much more than just results. It's about a great time with your friends! Laughing together, fighting together, having a great adventure together. We asked you to tell us your story of the day. Each day the best story wins 3 Deutsche Bahn Interrail tickets.

Our Story of the day goes to @pierosestak

RAD RACE Tour de Friends story of the day

#storyoftheday i have known about the #radrace #tourdefriends from the very beginning of their announcment and i have always wanted to go there, with a locall team from #prague with my #friends and we have created one, register it for tdf, but we wasnt fast enough, so we ended up on the waiting list. Everyone forget about it.. But! One month ago - e-mail from @radrace "we have few spots left", be fast enough and ride with us. I have replied within 5 minutes that i am in, my friends changed their plans and didnt support me. So i should start #today as a single rider from the grupetto (too pity for a Tour de FRIENDS right?), but it finally didnt happend - yesterday on the briefing i found that i am not only one non-german speaking rider, we are 3 of them! So we have created exactly 8 hours before start team of different-than-deutsch speaking riders and we have named KRKTN (shortcut for Kroketen, belgian food from potatoes, Anthony has it on his leg tattoed 🤔) and we said that we gonna finish it together. We are on good track right now, so i think we gonna make it. One thing to add - we dont speak german between us, thats good, but Anthony and Christophe are french, so i didnt help myself much in the field of communications 🙈 .. but its not #tourdelanguages right !

We are so happy to hear this story, because that's what Tour de Friends is about. Come alone and go with new friends.


Picture of the day

RAD RACE Tour de Friends Picture of the day

We really appreciate it, when you don't just ride as fast across the alps as you can, but when you also enjoy the landscape, the ride and your mates.

That's why we asked you to capture your moment of the day and post it on Instagram. Everyday the best picture will win one Oakley Jawbreaker.

That’s our spirit!
Days before the RAD RACE „Tour de Friends“ everybody was nervous about the weather. But actually it’s didn’t rain from the first second. Actually the sun was shining and therefore the boys of teamschindelhauergates decided to take a bath in the Achensee. Our picture of the day!

STRAVA King of the Mountain

Okay, now we are talking about the fastest climbers. Every day we created one STRAVA x RAD RACE "Tour de Friends" KOM for you. Every day a different distance, a different elevation and at a different time of the stage. Today the challenge was sponsored by ABUS HELMETS. Congrats Alex Schmitt // DT SWISS and Antita Krammer // in remembrance of Ziegenberg, you both won a brand new ABUS GAMECHANGER!

KOM on the first stage of the tour de friends: ALEX SCHMITT // DT SWISS

KOM on the first stage of the tour de friends: ALEX SCHMITT // DT SWISS

Tour de friends Stage 1

Photo gallery from Carlos Fernandez Laser of all riders BEFORE the RAD RACE Tour de Friends on our RAD RACE Facebook page.


Photos with massive thanks to Carlos Fernandez Laser, Nils Laengner, Chris Steinweg, Björn Reschabek, Bengt Stiller, Tom Schlegel.

STARTing grid stage 2

Click the box to see the official starting grid for stage 2 - WILL BE UPDATED LATER TODAY

PHOTO BY Carlos fernandez laser

PHOTO BY Carlos fernandez laser