RAD RACE „Tour D’Italia“ 2016 // Stage 1

RAD RACE „Tour D’Italia“ 2016
Anguillara Sabazia – Orbetello
1.785 meters of altitude

Pic by click-inspired.de

Pic by click-inspired.de

Bella Italia. Stage 1 of our annual grand tour. We planned this for so long and we’re just so happy to be on the road again. 17 friends. 15 riders. 2 behind the camera to film another documentary about our shrimplife. To just be on tour again. A boys trip. Cycling. Because life is just better in Bib Shorts...

7 of us started in Hamburg one day after we organized the RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships on June 20th. We picked up everybody in their home turfs in Münster, Freiburg, Cologne and Wiesbaden and then we decided to directly drive to Tuscany to find a campsite and to just ride for 2 days already. And we did. And it was just perfect.

Pic by click-inspired.de

Pic by click-inspired.de

And then on friday the other 10 shrimps arrived (just in case you’re wondering... Our new team kits and Abus helmets have shrimp colours and then someone came up with the nickname for the team...), we picked them up at the Roma airport and then we spend a perfect 1st night all together in THE most beautiful campsite. Everybody got their amazing new Aurora Collective cycling caps, Aurora & RAD RACE Shirts and last but not least the amazing Canyon Bikes for the trip. Now 15 riders are all on Canyon Aeroads CF SLX and believe us: they roll like a freaking rocket.

After a short night – everybody was super psyched to ride the first stage – we started at 9am sharp and well... it was even better than we expected. The sun was burning with 35 degrees, the crew rides together perfectly and the country is just amazing.

The first 80k flew by fast and after around 100k we took a small break in a small village, had pizza, some cokes and just chilled in the shade. A thundersturm was behind us so we all hit the road superfast so it couldn’t hit us. Ride against the thunderstorm. It worked out and we stayed dry.

RAD RACE Tour D'Italia

After around 120k or so it got hotter than 40 degrees in the sun and a few of us were hit by the heat pretty bad. So we slowed down a lot and tried to bring everybody home safe. It took us a while and there was quite some headwind but we made it!!

We found such an amazing campsite that is right on the beach. So we all ran into the middle sea and swam and so we finally transformed into real shrimps... Now we’re all super happy to arrived at the first (and most easiest stage), we’re about to have around 4.5kg of pasta for everybody and tomorrow we’ll hit Florence and Tuscany...