BikeBox Transport: Tour de Friends III


BikeBox Transport: Tour de Friends III


If you have an additional bike box or any other big bag you want to have brought to the final destination in Feltre, we offer a transportation service for you box or bag. Just in case you wanna spend some more time in beautiful Italy ...

The bike box is not included though!

Each purchase equals the transportation of one bike-box/-bag from Augsburg to Feltre. 

Everything will be handled with the outmost care!

No liability will be assumed for any damage or loss.

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We will pick up your bike box or bike bag during the registration on July 7th right before the briefing. This is the only chance for the pick up so make sure to be there. All bike boxes will be transported safe and sound from Augsburg to our final destination in Feltre. Keep in mind that you won't have access to your box/bag during the tour and transportation to a hotel or airport is not included.

The bike box transport can be booked until May 15th.



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