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Stage Ride
MUNICH - Venice
14.09.2017 - 18.09.2017

RAD RACE "Tour de Friends"

RAD RACE Tour De Friends Official Poster

Sheer pain from head to toe. A tactile mixture of sweat, tension and exhaustion. Temperatures fluctuating between 9 degree on the summits and 40 in the valleys. Every fibre in your thighs strained to the absolute limit. Puking, gasping for air and freezing to death … BUT enjoying every single meter !

Either way you curse the rain, the unbearable heat or the snoring of the guy sleeping next to you … but that’s why crossing the alps on your bike is so much fun … right ?

The best thing about it is the fact that you can share those 4 days and 600 km not only with your best buds but a bunch of other strangers who are just as crazy as you are! Together this crowd can overcome their limits and enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. This isn’t supposed to be some random “on paper” trip – this is your adventure !

The “Rad Race Tour de Friends 2017” will be a mixture of stage ride, Long distance alley cat and group ride. And at the end of the trip you will say, “These were some of the best 4 days in my life!”
We promise !



We take our slogan "No matter what kind of bike" very serious. Our goal is to provide a small group of special riders in wheelchairs with the possibility of taking part  in this adventure as well. And they shall be part of the gang as anybody else. 5 handbikers will have the chance to participate along with up to 2 chaperones. Everything else stays the same. There is still 2-3 handbike-spots available. If you are interested to join with your handbike or as a chaperone get in contact with Anna to talk about the details. We will save a total of 15 spots for you all (5 handbikes and 10 chaperones).



The Idea: A team stage ride from Munich to Venice. Road bike, fixed gear or cross bike – your choice. 600 km divided into 4 stages. Block party every evening for all riders on the piazzas along the trip with local treats. Included are equipment transport, accommodation, and busses back to Munich. All you need to arrange is how to get your bike and bags to Munich.

Since this is a team stage ride you have to ride together to find your way along the cycle path MUC-VCE to the stage destination. To participate in the clocking you need to have at least three people in your crew. The more people the better – but only the third time in each crew counts.

There will be no time keeping on the first stage, to have a relaxed start of the tour. There will be professional timekeeping for stages 2, 3, and 4, but always keep in mind: This tour is about crossing the alps with friends, not about being faster than anybody else. 

Every evening we will announce the leader board, but we are mostly looking forward to announce the “Team of the Day” and “Instagram photo of the day”…


600 KILOMETER through the alps with  your best buddies - your crew 

600 KILOMETER through the alps with  your best buddies - your crew 

RAD RACE Tour De Friends 2017


Every now and then longer gravel parts need to be ridden. but still manageable  for all kind of bikes.

Every now and then longer gravel parts need to be ridden. but still manageable  for all kind of bikes.

You will receive an email with all the data regarding the route before the ride. The 4 stages are not car-free and the roads are not blocked! The course leads us mainly through rural areas with little traffic.  For orientation during the ride, you can use your own GPS devices or the signs alongside the Munich/Venice-Cycling route.

The stage start in the morning is separated by one team every 60 seconds. There will be escort vehicles hauling your equipment and one at the rear to pick up riders who can’t continue or have technical problems.

As you can see on the pictures we have already ridden the entire route. Our choice was the Canyon Aeroads CF SLX – the aero-road bike by Canyon. The whole route is interspersed by (sometimes lomger) gravel passages especially in the first stage, so wether you’re on a road bike or cross bike, some passages will be to your advance. Just don’t expect to have pure blacktop under your tires for the whole 600 km. Don’t say nobody warned you !

The very best thing about the tour: All you need is your bike , 2 water bottles, a couple of CLIFF Bars® and your friends – there you go !


Stage 1
Wednesday , 14.07.2017
Munich - Innsbruck (AT)
159 Kilometer. 850 Meters of altitude.
No timekeeping. Stage neutralized.

End of stage: Innsbruck

Stage 2
Thursday, 15.07.2017
Innsbruck (AT) - Brixen (ITA)
91 Kilometer. 1130 Meters of altitude.
professional timekeeping.

End of stage: Brixen

Stage 4
Saturday, 17.07.2017
Vittorio Veneto (ITA) - Venedig (ITA)
118 Kilometer. 210 Meters of altitude.
professional timekeeping.

End of stage: Venezia

Stage 3
Friday, 16.07.2017
Brixen (ITA) - Vittorio Veneto (ITA)
192 Kilometer. 1750 Meters of altitude.
professional timekeeping.

End of stage: Vittorio Veneto



RAD RACE "Tour de Friends"
Check in & Rider's Briefing:
September 13th 2017 2-8pm
Start in Munich: 14.09.2017
Finish in Venice: 17.09.2017
Journey back to Munich: 18.09.2017

Bavaria Filmstadt, Bavariafilmplatz 7, 82031 Grünwald.


Maximum of 500 riders.

All participants aged between 16 and 18 need a letter of consent signed by their parents.

All kind of Bikes-
(Pedalecs are no bikes!) 
Fixed Gear, Road-Bike, Singlespeed, MTB, Crosser...



Bragging rights
Plus some awesome prizes from our partners.

Canyon // Oakley // Abus // Gore Bike Wear // Iriedaily // DT Swiss // Beck's // Clif Bar // Selle San Marco

Helmets NEEDED!!! - No helmet, no ride!


Admission fee

Einzelstart: €589,00
incl. Starter Kit, material handling, Journey back to Munich, 4 over night stays in hotels, route rations, 1 meal per evening, 1 breakfast per day, T-Shirt





Follow this way to the Facebook Event of the RAD RACE Tour de Friends 2017.

the bicycle touring path #MUCVCE

Three countries, three climate-zones and the charming alpin-mediterian culture

The “RAD RACE Tour de Friends” will take place on one of the most beautiful cycling paths Europe has to offer. Aside from the Tour de friends this route is as stunning and challenging as it gets all throughout the year.

The route is travelled on existing bicycle roads, such as parts of the beautiful Innradweg. There are also bicycle routes and small by-roadsincluded, not just roads that traverse metropolises like Munich, Innsbruck and Venice. Stunning tourist regions and romantic towns, including Bad Tölz, Schwaz, Brixen and Treviso, can be experienced with all your senses.

There are many outstanding scenic ttractions to be seen along the way:
(apart from the geographic high point of the rout), the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites , the Bavarian lakes Tegernsee and Sylvensteinspeicher, the Tyrolean Achensee and the Isar River. Impressive experiences are also offered by the tributary valleys of the Tyoreal Wipptal, the Dolomites-encircled Cadore valley, the Lago di Santa Croce and finally the Adriatic seaThere is also an alluring plethora of castles, palaces and roadside destinations, together with the Doge’s palaces and canals of the picturesque lagoon and UNESCO World Heritage city of Venice.

Check out the official Website here for further information and pictures !



These are our brave riders. All registered athletes will be listed here.

And here is our RAD RACE Code, read it like it's your bible.