RAD RACE Battle, Berlin May 30 2015 - Event Recap

We are still over busy with the completion of the world championship weekend and organizing our next races in Cologne and Rotterdam but nevertheless here are some first pics from the great great RAD RACE Battle in the official programm of the Garmin Velothon Berlin last weekend. Thank you so much to all riders. It was our biggest Battle so far and such awesome fun for us and hopefully you liked it, too. Thank you so much to Drew Kaplan, Björn Lexius and Max Höflich for your amazing pics!

1. Matthias Jahn / Berlin Personal Training (fastest sprint in 18:382)
2. Oliver Johr / BSV Profil Hürtgenwald
3. Jonas Fischer / 8bar rookies

1. Jane Drage / Schnupsel (fastest sprint in 21:626)
2. Christin Klepsch / 8bar Team
3. Sandra Thiel / Radsportgruppe Ungemütlich

Please make sure to register for our last RAD RACE BATTLE this year in the official programm of the Vattenfall Cyclassics Hamburg on August 22nd.