It's really happening. We will broadcast our first race of the season with 7 (!) cameras on rad-race.com. When the race starts at 5pm we will turn on a better webcam and broadcast the qualifyings and round of 64 live. Then around 9pm for the quarter finals we will turn on seven cameras that will really broadcast the whole thing in form of a real live show. Let's see how that plays out... Make sure to tune in on March 19. Everybody else. See you there.

Brought to you with massive thanks to BSP MEDIA.

Here's the official schedule (and broadcast plan).

QUALIFICATION MEN 17:00pm - 19:40pm (Live Web Cam)
ROUND OF 64 MEN 19:40pm - 21:00pm (Live Web Cam)

QUARTER FINALS WOMEN 21:20pm - 22:00pm (Live with 7 cameras)
QUARTER FINALS MEN 22:00pm - 22:40pm (Live with 7 cameras)

SEMI FINALS WOMEN 22:40pm - 23:00pm (Live with 7 cameras)
SEMI FINALS MEN 23:00pm - 23:20pm (Live with 7 cameras)

FINALS WOMEN 23:30pm - 23:50pm (Live with 7 cameras)
FINALS MEN 00:00am - 00:20am (Live with 7 cameras)

AWARD CEREMONY 00:30am - 00:45am (Live with 7 cameras)

AFTER SHOW PARTY 00:45 - 04.30am