Tour de Friends Recap!

RAD RACE Tour de Friends 2019 - RECAP

07. July - 13. July 2019

It was a blast! Thanks for everyone who made this happen! Our partners, the crew and especially you, the riders!

Briefing in Augsburg

What a fantastic day we’ve had here in Augsburg! ⁣⁣

Big ups to our crew for their insane effort preparing the venue and building up the start where #tourdefriends will kick-off 👏 ⁣

Riders from all over the world started arriving from 3 pm to check-in and get their starter packs. Old friends were reunited and new friends already made. There’s been laughter, cheering and traditional Bavarian food and beer going around🍻 ⁣

⁣The Testival was a success as the riders visited our partner's booths where they got to try out some of the latest tech.⁣

⁣The night was finished off with the Riders Briefing, which got everyone prepared and excited for the epic adventure that awaits!⁣

Vlog by Francis Cade

Stage 1

Augsburg - Füssen
1.000 moA

It was supposedly the easiest day, distance and elevation wise, but the constant heavy rain sure made the route all the more challenging. ⁣

⁣Our riders powered through and arrived at the finish line, located by the beautiful lake Forggensee in Füssen, where we even got a view of the famous Neuschwanstein castle!⁣

⁣Everyone had dinner together and later arrived at their accommodation for a hot shower and no doubt an early night because the next day we set course towards Nauders, Austria! Well done everybody 👏⁣

Vlog by Francis Cade

Stage 2

Füssen - Nauders
2.566 moA

We were blessed with beautiful weather and our riders started the climb through the mountains to get to the finish line in the Austrian town Nauders, situated in a high valley of the Ötztal Alps at an altitude of 1,394 m (4,573 ft).⁣

⁣Climbs were brutal at some points, experienced riders powered through barely breaking a sweat while others, new to the Alps, fought their way to the top. We are very proud of our riders!⁣

⁣After the finish, a cable cart took us to the very top of a mountain where we all had dinner with a fantastic view. ⁣

Stage 3 will be the toughest day of the week! Mighty Stelvio! Stay tuned🤟⁣

Vlog by Francis Cade

Stage 3

Nauders - Kaltern am See
3.321 moA

That morning rider set off at 7 am in the chilly morning air to defeat the Stelvio pass, a dream come true for many of our riders!⁣

⁣Post Stelvio, the ride continued through quaint Italian towns, reaching the second and final checkpoint located 37km from the finish line. Hosted by @fidlockbike , they fuelled our riders with snacks, water and sunscreen as the temperatures reached 31 degrees with the blazing sun.⁣

⁣Once at the finish in Caldaro, Italy, a BBQ party was set up for everyone to celebrate their incredible efforts of the day, well-done guys!🎉⁣

Vlog by Francis Cade

Stage 4

Kaltern am See - Levico Terme
2.600 moA

Our riders arrived in Levico Terme, freshly showered and either asleep or hanging out in the hotel bar, sheltered from the rainy weather. ⁣

⁣⁣After a day of completing another 100 + km of riding with loads of climbing, we were curious to see how everyone felt after conquering Stelvio just 24 hours earlier. Surprisingly, they all said the same thing.. they felt even stronger today. One rider said, “if you can climb a mountain like that, you can do anything”. ⁣⁣

⁣We are so proud of everyone who’ve now smashed out 4 tough days in a row! The finish line in Feltre will be filled with locals celebrating our riders arrival with local food, Prosecco and music. We can’t wait!🎉⁣⁣

VLOG by Francis Cade

Stage 5

Levico Terme - Feltre
2.270 moA

We’re sad to say that the tour is over for this year. From Germany, through Austria, a quick dip into Switzerland and through the Alps to finish in the Italian village Feltre.⁣

⁣400 riders completed a total of 664 km, including a whopping 11.757 meters of elevation 👏.👏.👏. WOW. ⁣

⁣The best part was to see people coming together, making friends, supporting and pushing each other to get through the tough climbs! It’s what Tour De Friends is all about ❤️⁣

⁣Big thanks to our crew and talented content creators who documented our journey together so that we can keep these memories vivid forever.⁣

⁣If you liked what you saw, the next Tour De Friends is happening in Colombia, March 2020. Read all about it on our website, we hope to see you there 🙌⁣

VLOG by Francis Cade