RAD RACE "Tour De Espana" - Stage 2

Stage 2.
RAD RACE "Tour De Espana" 2015
El Chorro – Granada
182,8k, 3.558 meters of altitude.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

Nightmare. Heaven. Hell. So awesome. So rad. So hard. The day we almost lost a friend...
This was the stage everyone was afraid of. 182,8k and 3.588 meters of altitude. The etapa de reina of the Tour De Espana...

We started early this morning. Had to get up at 7 when it was still pitch black outside so we were able to start the stage at 9am. We almost made it and kicked it off at 9.45. The 45min were exactly the reason and overtime why we didn’t have the chance for many breaks during the day. All the stops we made today were kinda short. We just had to make it before it becomes dark. So it really was more a less a race against the darkness and even worse: we lost Robert... Almost.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

But before we almost died in the night because we worried so much about Robert’s whereabouts the stage started even crazier than yesterday with a brutal 750m climb. But the sun was shining and everybody was psyched to ride again PLUS we were looking forward to pick up another team member. Hari was waiting for us in Casabermeija so we had another reason to ride fast so he wouldn’t wait for too long.

But until we found Hari it seemed to take forever. Forever until the climbs ended. To be honest: they never ended. Just an endless repitition of smaller and bigger hills. So already when we found Hari the group seemed wasted and tired.

A quick cortado and sandwich break later it felt like everybody was pumped up again so we continued with more than 120k to go. When we went on you could just tell that the group got more and more quiet. It was just a tough and steep ride and Thomas & Simon haven’t promised enough when they said that day 2 would be the most difficult stage. Maybe a bit too exhausting for day 2 of 9. But hey, we rode parts of the mighty Vuelta and we all just felt so happy to be able to ride this together.

All the rest we can tell you about this stage is that we fought hard. Every single rider gave his best to finish. It was so close to getting dark. BUT we made it in time. Almost everyone. Because Robert was missing. He was leading the group around 30k before Granada and the group split up in parts so no one really worried too much since he could have been anywhere in the field of 15 riders. But he wasn’t. He disappeared. And when we hit Granada he was gone.

Since it took us forever to find the hostel (yes we abandoned our beloved Heimplanet tents and stayed in the city for the first time) we only arrived at around 9pm. Since Robert didn’t call anyone of us (his cell phone was charging in the tour bus) we called the Police because we were really worried (he also didn’t know where the hostel was because it changed last minute). They told us that they have a german cyclist waiting in a police station in Granada centro. We told the Police where we were and told them to send Robert to our hostel.

You can imagine how relieved we were when Robert was jumping out of the cab...

Puhhhh, the kids all ride.