RAD RACE "Tour De Espana" – Stage 4

Stage 4.
The RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015
Fondon - La Parata
160,2km - 1.914 meters of altitude.



If there was only one word for this day’s stage it would be that.
D - O - W - N - H - I - L - L.
The first three stages brought us more than 11.000 meters of altitude and more than 450 kilometers. We rode huge parts of the Vuelta and surely felt like pros on that course. Well not that fast but at least we had a car following us. Our „Tour De Espana“ has half of the length and climbs than the Tour De France but also in half the time. We didn’t know if this is all a bit too much but so far it seems to work out.

Yesterday brought us a lot of fog, rain, cold and so much hard work. Today we were just riding it. Riding it so fast all the way down to Parata in an average speed of 30km/h. Just check out the track profile, just unbelievable how awesome this day was.


The whole track was just so perfect to check out our race bikes that we kindly got borrowed from Canyon. Some of these Aeroads really worked like an arrow, speeding up to 85km/h!!! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!!!

Already after 4 stages we can now say that Spain is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Many of us have been in California for example and they keep saying that there’s absolutely no reason to travel that far. Spain has so much to offer and is just great with all its white sand beaches, red cliffs and perfect roads to ride your bike. Forget Mallorca, just ride it in Andalusia!

The most beautiful track so far. Landscapes like in a Star Wars movie. The sun was shining the whole day. Axel and Ingo delivered perfect service for all riders out of the crew bus, Hendrik was taking shots and was filming for the upcoming documentary. We can only say the best about today's stage.

Maybe the best part of the ride: we took a long lunch break on the beach. Some jumped in the water, some had a cigarette in the sand, some had a cappucino, some were just enjoying the spanish october sun. Yes, the october sun!!! Thanks for warming up our german asses!!

Sebastian, you would have loved it today. We know that. Miss you! But you’re with us. We rode this together.

The kids all ride.