RAD RACE "Tour De Espana" – Stage 5

Stage 5.
RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015
La Parata - Murcia
182,9km - 2.340 meters of altitude.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

Sorry but I have to make this personal. I am still overwhelmed by my feelings from today’s stage. Today’s blog entry is how I got back on my bike…

I had a horrible crash in a bike race 7 weeks ago and broke pretty much everything that I need to be alive. The biggest fuck up: I was in a wheelchair for 6 weeks and am still not able to walk properly. I cannot run or cycle. I just feel like shit for almost 2 months now. Still I was happy that nothing worse happened and it’s a little bit of a miracle that I am on this tour with 15 wonderful friends that I can support from the crew bus.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

But being on my bike and riding with my friends is what I like best. I love to be in the nature, see stuff and race and blabla I think I don’t have to tell you what’s so great about cycling. It’s been 4 wonderful stages with stunning nature and funny memories and all that but not being able to ride just sucks. It’s just not the same. Just imagine a little kid that is grounded and who’s not allowed to play with his friends…

Today we were taking a break after around 90k or so of today’s stage and as usual I was supporting some team members with water and some Clif Bars and Bananas and more. And that’s when I saw an abandoned bike leaning on the bus and I said to Simon „You wanna roll with me?“ And of course he would.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

I jumped on Fips’ bike with Flip Flops on, board shorts and no shirt, no shoes, no jersey, no nothing. At first I only wanted to ride some meters but I kept riding and riding and since I was at the end of the group I tried to cycle as fast as I could to see everyone on their bikes next to me. Simon was pushing me a lot at first but then it got better and better. I don’t know how far or how long I rode but I know there was a mountain that I climbed and that I was so happy to be there with my friends, being alive, being able to ride again, not sitting in this fucking wheelchair anymore. I can’t tell you here in writing how happy I was in this very few moments but I am sure everyone in our crew saw what it meant to me.

This goes out to everyone that has ever cycled with me. I will be back. I promise.

The kids all ride.