RAD RACE "Tour De Espana" - Stage 6

Stage 6.
RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015
Murcia - Xativa
175,9km - 2.626 meters of altitude.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

Today we learned a lesson.
The toughest stage is not the one on paper.
From what the amount of kilometers and meters of altitude say stage 2 was the most exhausting one. But from what we experienced on this tour it was today’s ride…

So far our team has worked together perfectly. The harmony in the racing was smooth and chilled but I guess today that has changed. The atmosphere in the group got way more stressy today. Half of the tour is ridden with 5 stages in 5 days with more than 780 kilometers and way more than 13.000 meters of altitude. And this just hurts. It hurts not only in your legs but also fucks with your brain and guts. It seems like everything that happens on and off the bikes has a deeper meaning, you’re just not in the „euphoric phase“ anymore but you are just riding and riding and riding and it seems Barcelona is still another galaxy away.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

You really have to take care of yourself and even more important of the other riders next to you. But it was just messy today. Some flat tires, some wrong turns, some sketchy moments and the ending was just a dark nightmare. Still we are cycling big parts of the Vuelta and this classic race really has some crazy climbs. The craziest thing though happened at „La Cuina de Kike y Cuca“ on top of this mountain. We were speeding down with more than 60km/h while a capricorn was just appearing out of the woods. He was running right in the middle of our group for at least a hundred meters and scared the shit out of us. Carl landed in the bushes but nothing bad happened luckily.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

In the first 5 stages we always made it to the campsites while there was still daylight. But today we didn’t make it. The group split up after 120k or so and we didn’t know where everybody was. It’s a shitty feeling since most of the time there is no cell reception and you can never be sure that everything is ok. So it went completely dark for the last 30k. There was a group of 15 riders who needed to cycle with no street lights, just some small bike lamps and the car headlights. It was really dangerous since the street wasn’t also at its best state. So every 10 minutes or so we lost a rider due to a flat tire or because someone was just too exhausted to finish the stage. So in the end only 9 riders made it to Xativa. 9 men still standing after almost 180k or so (depending if you tracked it through iphone or Garmin).

But we made it. And we’re super happy we did. We’re hoping that tomorrow is a brighter day with more positive feelings and more power in our legs and our brains. There will be a good friend coming from Hamburg to join the group. Looking forward to have you Benny!
Ingo will cycle his first ride after almost 8 weeks and there will be some dudes coming from Madrid to ride with us.

Thanks for following us and ride safe!

The kids all ride.