RAD RACE "Tour De Espana" Stage 8

Stage 8.
RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015
Eslida - L’Estany
214,3km - 2.573 meters of altitude.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

Twohundredforteen kilometers and twothousandseventythreemeters of altitude. Many of you will say: what the fuck, I ride 200k every other day. Well, we don’t. And especially we didn’t thought we would manage to ride 214k on the second to last stage of our Tour De Espana with more than 21.000meters of altitude and 1.500km in total…

The last one or two stages have shown us that the temperature is rising within the group. Things get messier and the stress level is far higher than it should be. You can tell that everybody is far beyond their limits but to the same time everyone wants to ride as much as he can.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

So to finish 214k we had to get up early (7am) in the beautiful little village of Eslida and start at 9 because we definitely wanted to arrive while there’s still daylight. Our friend Benny from the mighty Hardbrakers joined us for the last two stages from Hamburg and we started all pumped up ready to ride more than 200k.

Time flew by quick and sooner than we thought we took a nice break somewhere in the sun, having coffee, cigarettes with only 90k to go. We split up the group in two pieces because Ingo wanted a headstart so that he can ride his tempo with Chris, Jan and Thomas. The other 12 were taking it a little slower but after that they raced the hell out of this stage. The climbs are no more or less behind us and the course is more a less a flat ride from now on (still more than 2.000 meters of altitude today…) so it definitely was a super fast ride.

The group cought the other four riders 40k before the campsite and then everybody still tried to kick their bikes to the limit. From then on you could really tell that the group grew together within the last 8 stages. We worked together so great to ride as fast as we can. We lost the bus hours ago and there was no chance to get into the bus. We had to finish. Ingo broke down 5k before the campsite since he was just dead and he didn’t see anything and was afraid to break another leg or arm (what he did 7.5 weeks ago). But he didn’t since all other riders helped to finish together safe and sound.

We made it in the end. 214k. Just one more stage to Barcelona. „Only“ 154k. Come celebrate with us if you’re around!!!

Thanks for following us and ride safe!

The kids all ride.