RAD RACE "Tour De Espana" Stage 9

9th and final stage.
RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015
L’Estany - Barcelona
160,2km - 896 meters of altitude.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

Well, now we’re here. Sitting in our tour bus, driving back 1.400k from Barcelona back to Hamburg, Münster, Berlin, Krefeld, Bielefeld… Half of our crew. The other half is flying back to Germany. Back to our daily routine, our daily jobs, our girlfriends, wives, kids, our own bikes… Sitting here and typing this feels bad but so great at the same time. We have achieved something that we didn’t know was possible, 1.486 km and 18.987 meters of altitude. Half of the track of the Tour De France but in half of the time, too. 16 friends from different crews and backgrounds from all over Germany.

We were all on different levels and didn’t know if we would be up for it. For a track length of 1.500k. For more than 18.000 meters of altitude. Some were scared, some had respect but everyone was so happy to be part of this. Who knows if there will be ever again the chance to ride this beautiful part of Spain (if you ever have the chance: DO IT!).

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

The ninth and last stage of the tour was special since the whole day was pretty much a countdown to what was in our heads hundreds of kilometers and endless climbs before. Barcelona was lying beautifully in front of our eyes almost all the time and we were all so happy to ride to Barcelona safe and sound. On the final stage everyone got their chance to ride to Barcelona. Even our friend Benny from the Hardbrakers who joined us for the last 2 stages. So awesome to have you with us Benny!

The ride itself was pretty much the easiest one of the whole tour but we had to be super careful too since the traffic was the worst that Spain had to offer so far. Even more: after almost 1500k everyone was tired and the concentration level wasn’t at its best.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

Riding to Barcelona was something very very very special for us. The lights, the smell, all the people looking at us in our stupid Spandex costumes killing it on the biggest streets of their city. Looking like a pro team on our Canyon bikes and our Aurora cycling outfits also add to a unique feeling. We felt very much blessed to arrive in the harbor of Barcelona at around 8pm or so and meet with our whole group, doing some interviews for our upcoming documentary (that will be released in 2015. Promise!), drinking beer, chilling at the beach and just hugging it out.

Everyone made it. But only 4 riders (of 16) managed to ride every single kilometer. Everyone else either took a break, rode the bus or had a bike defect. Some others came close but almost everyone rode his bike every single day. The group was so strong, fast and showed an unbelievable teamwork when times got rough.

We don’t wanna bore you with all the people that made this possible so we’d like to thank the four partners that made this tour possible in the fist place:

Canyon Bikes for their awesome bikes.

Clif Bar Company for their amazing nutrition.

Heimplanet for their cozy tents.

Oakley for the perfect shades and eye protection

Abus for the supersafe head protection

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

We’re so thankful to have started the RAD RACE and meet so many wonderful people. Most of the crew we know through our race series. You guys are so great. This whole tour is dedicated to our beloved friend Sebastian Gondek who also had the idea for a Spain tour after we traveled from Hamburg to Oslo in 2014. You were with us all the time. We wore your jerseys and we tried to make this as perfect as possible. You would have been proud brother.
Thank you for everything.

That was it. That was the „Tour De Espana“ 2015. We will be back in 2016 with a RAD CAMP in Mallorca and the „Tour D’Italia“…

Thanks for following us and ride safe!

The kids all ride.