RAD RACE "Tour De Espana" – Stage 1

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015


El Bosque - El Chorro, 119k, 2.290m of altitude.
Here we go! Let's do this. The RAD RACE x AURORA "Tour De Espana" with more than 1.500k and 21.000 meters of altitude what means we will ride half of the Tour De France but in also half the time. You can just believe us: we show massive respect to what we have in front of us. Many of us are shaking that they will end up in our tour bus. But let's see about that. Let's see what everybody is made of. Let's see how the group works together. Let's see what the next 10 days and 9 stages will bring.

16 friends, 14 bikes, Hendrik behind the lense. Everyone is stoked to be here. 16 people from Berlin, Krefeld, Münster, Hamburg, friends from different backgrounds, crews and with huge differences in bike handling skills...

Everybody was stoked to begin the tour but to the same time shocked when the first 20(!)k brought us pure uphill cycling. It wasn't an easy start but right away Andalusia showed us what it's made of. Some massive climbs were ahead of us this sunny day. It became clear that the crew had different strength levels but for the first day the group worked really well together and we had no crashes at all (except for Chris who underestimateda curve and was just taking it way too fast - but he managed to NOT fall down. Puhhh.) The concrete, the streets are just amazing to ride most of the time, we called them "Lacorice Highway" due to its perfect black/brown colour.

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

The day brought us 3 bigger climbs and lots of fast parts. But in the end what can be bad on a supersunny day that you can spend on some amazing bikes (we felt like pros on our Canyon Aeroads, Ultimate CF SLXs and Ultimate CFs; some of them even had electronical shifters on it, so fucking awesome. Most of us have ever ridden such great material before) in a short summer outfit. The difference between our "Tour De Skandinavia" is huge though. Jan said on the Norway Tour he never used the small chainring, in Spain he never used the big one...

RAD RACE Tour De Espana 2015

In Ronda we met two italian guys that wanted to take some sprints with us. Well you can be sure that some of us accepted the challenge. Some new friends made! Ronda also brought us some awesome Capuccinos and some nice Bocadillo de queso. To sum it up: it couldn't have been nicer today. The first 120k of 1.500 are done... BUT: tomorrow is the craziest stage of all. Hell awaits: 180k and over 3.800 meters of altitude...

The kids all ride.