RAD RACE x AURORA "Tour de Skandinavia 2014" // The official trailer is here

We were dreaming of a tour like this as long as we’re on our bikes. A tour with our best friends, a tour with a small crew bus to carry our stuff, a tour in the nature. A tour on our bikes from Hamburg to Oslo...

So here it is! Here's the official trailer for our upcoming documentation about the RAD RACE x AURORA COLLECTIVE "Tour De Skandinavia 2014". The full movie will premiere at the Berliner Fahrradschau, March 22nd during the Berlin Bicycle Week // Bicycle Cinema

Here's the Facebook Event for the Premiere. On March 22nd we will show 3 great independent bicycle films, made by friends for everybody who loves cycling as much as we do. We will show a movie from our friends from the Hardbrakers and Good Times Roll. So get your ass up and show up here: Sputnik Kino (Höfe am Südstern) Hof 3., 5. Stock Zugang: Hasenheide 54 or Körtestraße 15-17 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg. U6 Südstern, Bus M41 (Körtestraße)

Thank you so much to all our partners for making this possible!!!

All info about the RAD RACE x AURORA COLLECTIVE "Tour De Skandinavia 2014" and a tour diary is here in our Tour Diary:

Stay Rad & See You in Berlin!