RAD RACE x AURORA Tour D’Iceland 2015 – Stage 3

RAD RACE x AURORA Tour D’Iceland 2015 – Stage 3 – Varmahlid-Akureyri
102,7K – 857m altitude - Here's the STRAVA track -

You just lose your feeling for time. When it’s getting late you don’t know if it’s 5pm or 11pm. It’s just not getting dark. As a stupid german you are used to getting tired when the sun goes down. Here this is all different...

Day 3 and there’s around 100k and around 800m of altitude ahead of us. On a concrete road. First time no gravels.

Photo by Etienne Heinrich

Photo by Etienne Heinrich

When we look back after stage 3 of 6 you can already tell that Iceland was teaching us a lot of lessons. On day 1 Iceland said „fuck you boys – what the hell are you idiots doin’ here?“ Day 2 Iceland kinda said „Congrats for holding on. Let me give you the best I have.“ On day 3 Iceland was like „Oh hey, I forgot that I have something for you. Here’s some wind suckers.“

And this is what it was all like on stage 3 of this epic trip. Again we saw stunning landscapes, mountains covered with ice, wild horses, lonely streets and so much green. We still were so lucky: no rain and so much sun. BUT: the wind was kicking in and it took us a lot of teamwork to manage this stage...

When we started this stage it all felt easy. We found a gas station to reload our cameras and had the first real coffee of this trip. The wind in our backs made us feel like flying down the road. We hardly encountered cars and whenever they saw us they were all friendly and cool. The first climb of the day was a pretty long one but not too crazy and steep. And when we checked our Garmins we knew we already had around 50K behind us, the team bus was already waiting and Ali seriously brewed some coffee. Unreal to enjoy a coffee with your best friends in the setting of „The Lord of the Rings“. After an extensive lunch break we thought that the rest of the stage would be easy since there weren’t any climbs waiting for us...

Photo by Etienne Heinrich

Photo by Etienne Heinrich

This was exactly the moment when Iceland  reminded us who the Babo is. Iceland blew some pretty heavy winds in our faces. We formed a team line that we maintained until the stage was over and we hit Akureyri. Still the tension was rising just a bit on this day. The crew is still one piece and all but this stage showed us that we gotta stick together. Watch out for the rider behind you. Watch out when someone is left behind. Just work together. Share your strength and hide your weakness behind someone who’s stronger than you. Big shoutouts to Urban and Max who are pretty much riding this tour with one single gear.

First time we stopped riding before 10pm and we just enjoyed being together. Still no rain and no crashes or any of that shit. Iceland, you’re very good to us and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate this.

The kids all ride.


All photos by Lars Schneider, Benny Zurek & Etienne Heinrich