Abus, thank you for saving my life!

This is just a small love letter to Abus for saving my life. I was involved in a pretty bad accident at the Hamburg Cyclassics. I fell on my head twice but I didn't have any scratches or bruises. Everything is just fine. Well, except for my broken hand and broken ankle but everything will be OK again in a couple of weeks.

I am pretty sure this could have been much worse so I am really grateful that Abus was so generous to give us some custom made helmets for the RAD PACK. Well here's a video from my accident in case you wanna see more (first one in the video)...

Abus let us design the helmet from scratch in our style. So awesome. We are so lucky to wear the same helmet that also the UCI Professional team Continental Bora-Argon 18 wears. So we made a design and Abus produced some for our team. Although Abus is a huge company you just know that people are working there with cycling in their hearts. 6 weeks later we got our new head protection.

Until today we already wore it on our Tour D'Iceland and at the RAD RACE Last Man Standing, Heidbergring. We won the team ranking and first man at the Vattenfall Cyclassics 100K in it and our RAD PACK team rider Simon Herr also won the RAD RACE Bergfest in the special edition of the Abus road bike helmet Tec-Tical Pro v.2. Next races will be the Red Hook Crit in Barcelona for our team rider Axel Walter. And also at the Tour De Espana we will be protected by Abus.

rad race // rad pack abus

We cannot thank Abus enough to believe in us. By the way: apart from the RAD PACK and the pro team Bora-Argon 18 the Fixedpott Crew and the Suicycle Track Team is also wearing the same helmet.

Here's some pics from our team helmets and HERE's some technical info about the Tec-Tical Pro v.2