RAD RACE Last Man Standing

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RAD RACE Last Man Standing


Don't miss your chance to compete in one of the most iconic fixed gear races!

Each purchase equals 1 starting spot for the RAD RACE LAST WO/MAN STANDING.

The purchase is non-refundable.



Check the race recap with all resulst and tons of pics here:


Mobikart Fun Racing GmbH
Plauener Str. 161
13053 Berlin-Hohenschönhausen




The first race of the German Fixed Crit Series. RAD Racing at it’s finest! Some of you know what we are talking about but for everyone else here is a short summary: A go-cart racing track in Berlin, 128 male competitors, 36 female riders, fixed-gear only – until only one is still standing!

None other but the LAST WO/MAN STANDING gives you a better idea of the initial philosophy behind RAD RACE. Just a bunch of bike addicts, going lap after lap – heated up by a screaming crowd – just for fun and some fixed gear fame.

As usual the spectacle will be concluded by our crazy after-race party. This one might get out of hand …!


Start collecting points for the German Fixed Crit Series!

RAD RACE LAST MAN STANDING 2018 is the first race of the GERMAN FIXED CRIT SERIES - a coalition of established Fixed Gear Criterium Races in Germany.


  • Date: 24 Mar. 2018

  • Registration: Pick up your starter kit at the RAD RACE booth @ Berliner Fahrradschau on Friday 6-10pm (March 23) or on Saturday (March 24) from 1-3pm on the race track. All riders must be ready to race at 4.45pm

  • Open training: 3.30 - 4.30 PM

  • Race start: 5 PM sharp

  • Finals: 11.30 PM

  • Ceremony and party right after the race at the track!


Mobikart Fun Racing GmbH
Plauener Str. 161
13053 Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

Public Transport:
Tram: Landsberg Allee / Rhinstr.
or Rhinstr. // Plauener Str.


128 male riders
36 female riders

Participants at the age of 16 need a signed letter of consent by their parents.


  • No brakes. Track bikes. Fixed-gear. Lockring.

  • Dropbars & Risers only. No bullhorns!!! Use bar plugs!

  • 18 spokes minimum // no tri-spokes.

  • Clicks or straps - no bmx pedals

  • Recommended gear ratio: 48/19, 47/17 or 48/16.

  • No bottle holder at the saddle.

  • No helmet, no ride!


Free entry for all riders on Friday! To get free entry at the Berliner Fahrradschau on friday night you just address the folks at the general accreditation and ask for an athletes pass for starters of the RAD RACE Last Wo/man Standing. RAD RACE has a booth at BFS!


There will be an official "RAD RACE Shuttle Bus"!!!
(30 people per ride! First come, first served)

20180321_LMS_Shuttle_Poster_final Kopie.jpg


128 male riders and 36 female riders will fight in a knockout system to not finish a lap last!
From the qualifying all the way up to the semi finals it will be 8 riders going against each other for 8 laps around the track. After every 2nd lap the last rider will be eliminated which leaves the fastest 4 riders moving on to the next round.
Only in the grand final there will be 8 riders going for 14 laps, with the last rider of each elimination lap (also every 2nd lap) being eliminated. 
Non elimination laps and elimination laps always alternate.
So 8 riders start the race - 1st lap is non elimination - 2nd lap is elimination and the last rider will be taken out - that leaves 7 remaining riders in the mix - 3rd lap is non elimination - 4th is an elimination again which leaves 6 guys in the race... and so on...

The direction of the race will be counter clockwise with 7 left turns and 3 right turns.
Track lenght: 430m.
(So every 860 meters the slowest rider gets eliminated.)

We are proud as hell to be able to invite you all to Berlin again for the highlight event of the BerlinBicycleWeek & Berliner Fahrradschau.