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Fixed42 world championships

RAD RACE FIxed42 World Championships

So damn fast!!!

The fourth edition of RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships was a super thrilling race, right from the beginning. From the first moment on the Autobahn the speed went up to more than 50 km/h. Many riders tried to form a breakaway, but no team allowed a bigger group to go. 

Whatever, Adrien Merkt // Team Schindelhauer-Gates was convinced by his strength and went on a solo-breakaway for several kilometres until the boarder of Berlin. But nobody really allowed him a bigger gap than 10-15 seconds. In Berlin everybody was back together until Tempelhofes Feld. The old airport is always a crux of the race. All favourite riders were at the front and a group of roughly 7-8 people got away from the peloton. Riders like Davide Viganó, Alessandro Mariani, Francesco Martucci and Nico Hesslich made it in this group, but already after the old air-field the peloton got them again. Single riders like Nico Keinath // Suicycle and Adrien Merkt // Team Schindelhauer-Gates tried to get away and kept the pace high.

RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships
RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships

The crucial group was formed at Kottbusser Tor. A group of four riders get in the break and three further riders closed the gap. But it didn’t take much time until the group split up again in a sketchy corner situation. Nico Hesslich // 8bar team and Fritz Ferner // Canyon RAD PACK decided to put all in they got and gave it a go. The gap became bigger and bigger, but Fritz couldn’t hold Nico’s wheel anymore. So Nico was on his own for the last 4-5km. In the peloton some other riders attacked as well, so nobody was really sure is there somebody still in the break or not. However, Nico proved that he got the strongest legs this day and kept a gap of more than 21 seconds until the finish line! He is the first fixed42 world champion who won the race in a solo break. Congrats Nico! 

In the peloton team Cinelli and  IRD SQUADRA CORSE started there lead out trains on the long finishing stretch. In the final sprint Alessandro Mariani // IRD SQUADRA CORSE could beat Davide Viganó // Cinelli Team. 

The girls were working together perfectly during the entire race. They loved riding on the Autobahn and we saw many happy smiling faces with a fast average speed of 38k/h. Even tough it was super windy. The biggest Team Maloga Pushbikers Fem were on many break aways to set the other riders under pressure.

Just before they entered Tempelhofer Feld three girls crashed into a barrier. From what we know the two girls who crashed were Hannah Raymond // Laser Rodagira, Juliane Bötel // messpack Berlin and Patricia Angermann // Cadence. All three of them finished the race. Unfortunately Hannah with a potentially broken wrist. 

Karla Sommer // Team Schindelhauer-Gates, Nicole Mertz // The Meteor Intelligentsia and Giorgia Fraiegari // Cykeln Divisione were able to get in a breakaway on the Tempelhofer Feld  and managed to stay together for the rest of the race with a big gap to the chase group. So it was a super strong fight between these three girls for the final sprint.  Giorgia had the best legs in the final and won the title before Nicole Mertz and Karla Sommer. Congrats Girls!!!

RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships

highlight pictures

by Chiara Redaschi

by Tom schlegel

by chris steinweg

by björn reschabek

by bengt stiller

by Rostyslav Akslerud

final results

RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championshships Men

  1. Nico Hesslich // 8bar team
  2. Alessandro Mariani // IRD SQUADRA CORSE
  3. Davide Viganó // Cinelli Team
  4. Alvice Zanasca // Bahumer
  5. Andrea Tincani // IRD SQUADRA CORSE
  6. Marco Cecchinato // T°RED FACTORY RACING TEAM
  7. Riccardo Melandri // IRD SQUADRA CORSE
  8. Matteo Cecchin // Cykeln Divisione Corse
  9. Gianni Bonaldo // Ciclocolor - Colorificio Sant'Eufemia
  10. Paul Vanotti // Disorderly Habits

RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championshships Women

  1. Giorgia Fraiegari // Cykeln Divisione Corse
  2. Nicole Mertz // The Meteor// Hey Allez!
  4. Poppy Thompson // LOVE&ROCKETS - Basso
  5. Brooke Philips // LOVE&ROCKETS - Basso
  6. Janine Bubner // Firmly Fixed
  8. Isabel Tambach // 8bar team
  9. Aoife Doherty // The 5th Floor
  10. Niki Kovacs // Unattached

RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championshships TEAMS

  1. 8bar team
  3. Cykeln Divisione Corse
RAD RACE FIxed42 World Championships
RAD RACE FIxed42 World Championships
RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships

All shots by Chiara Redaschi, Tom Schlegel, Chris Steinweg, Rostyslav Akslerud, Bengt Stiller, Björn Reschabek,

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RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships

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