Hamburg, 22.08.2015

RAD RACE Battle hh 2015
event recap

Such a perfect day...!

Here’s our event recap with every competitor’s road to victory or defeat
and a whole bunch of highlight pics.

What a perfect day it was in the centre of Hamburg!
The sun was shining, Mönckebergstrasse was empty for us and everybody on 2 wheels was in town.
A perfect setup for the season’s last RAD RACE Battle.
But first things first.
As always: Trizillion „thank yous“ to our dear friends from the Vattenfall Cyclassics HH.
It’s such a blast working with you guys!

Around 150 competitors, male & female, went head to head to determine King & Queen of Mö-land.
While the first 2 rounds were used to separate the wheat from the chaff with 4 riders in every heat and 2 of those being eliminated, every round afterwards saw a 1 on 1 battle.
It was not only a battle of people but also a battle of different equipment since some riders trusted their MTBs, some stuck to their road bikes while others trusted their track bike. 
To make a long story short we can only tell you it was a bad ass race day!
For the mens Battle the only question that needed attention was if anybody had the will to beat the ultimate battle champ Mathias John.
And guess what…no one came close!
Put that on your To-Do-List for 2016 everybody…!!!


The girls race had a little more suspense on offer.
Jane Drage made it two in a row after winning the Open event at Heidbergring a week earlier.
She managed to fight off Johanna Jahnke in a tight ass final sprint taking home battle-queen honors.


Thank you all for that special day in the sun!
And one more time: Sorry for the time of silence between event & recap…but we were sooo busy with 3 events in 3 weeks!

THE Official results of the RAD RACE BATTLE 2015 in hh:



1. Matthias John // PowerRausch
2. Alex Eichhörnchen // Kepsen
3. Friesenjunge 

rad race battle 2015

1. Jane Drage // Keirin Berlin
2. Johanna Jahnke // Team Mark It Zero!
3. Diana Steffenhagen //

rad race battle 2015

The women's podium!  -   shot by Burkhard Müller.

The women's podium!  -   shot by Burkhard Müller.

OPEN FOR ALL BIKES. THE RAD RACE battle. PIC BY Burkhard Müller.

OPEN FOR ALL BIKES. THE RAD RACE battle. PIC BY Burkhard Müller.

THE   RAD RACE battle in front of the city hall hh. PIC BY Burkhard Müller  .

THE RAD RACE battle in front of the city hall hh. PIC BY Burkhard Müller.



highlight pics:


Thx for your amazing photos:
Burkhard Müller // Maike Lange // Rene Mosler.




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"MOin moin" Shirt design by menso von ehrenstein.

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