RAD RACE "Tour D'Italia" // Stage 3

RAD RACE „Tour D’Italia“ // Stage 3
Castellina in Chianti – Cirignano“
158,3km // 3.033 meters of altitude

Pic by click-inspired.de

Pic by click-inspired.de

This was 1 of the very best cycling days of our lives AND most definitely 1 of the most exausting, too. We decided for todays’ blog entry we let everyone of our group speak for himself...

„Amazing descents.“

„3rd day. I am dead. But I rode the team car and that was fun, too.“

„What a sufferfest. I had quite some trouble with my bike. This is why I had to fight so hard to get back into the group many times...“

Pic by click-inspired.de

Pic by click-inspired.de

„Wonderful landscapes. Everybody was fighting hard with day 3. Nature is way better than any city.“

„I don’t know what was hotter. The sun. Or Axels brakes.“

„I got a KOM in a descent.“

„Being in the city sucked. But again it was worth to just wait. There’s always something better coming after something that’s just shit. “

„Riding uphill. In 1 pack.“

„The steepest uphill rides and descents of my life. Unreal. The pack grows together.“

„Except for that one stage in Iceland this was the most wonderful but hardest ride ever.“

„It’s soooo important to have someone on your side when you’re riding uphill...“

„My highlight was that Ben was pulling me up the 2nd mountain so I didn’t have to ride it alone. And I just got to know this amazing guy 3 days ago...“

„It’s just crazy how the temperatures can change from 40 degrees to 20 in a minute.“

To be continued...