,RAD RACE "Tour D'Italia" // Stage 5

RAD RACE "Tour D'Italia" // Stage 5
Lago Di Garda - Primiero
167,7k // 3.133 meters of altitude
The STRAVA track is here

Pic by Chris Ernst

Pic by Chris Ernst

Well, today was a hell of a ride. It wasn't the longest stage. It wasn't the stage with the most meters of altitude. But it might have been the toughest one. On day 5 of our trip it's just a question of will and strength. YES! It is beautiful and we are super happy to be able to ride this amazing tour but it really is so much work.

The worst thing today: After climbing several long and steep mountains we realized after 160km that our campside is on top of another mountain. 'Fuck off', was in everybodies mind. We had to cycle 3k more. Yeah, it doesn't sound much but that was exactly what made us suffer. It really is a difference when you're dead already and then the campsite is not where you expect it to be... Anyways, we made it and Gerri and Severin took some beautiful shots indeed for our upcoming documentary...

However, this morning we all enjoyed the beautiful view over Lago di Garda and laughed about our bath in the lake the day before. Fritz came to ride with us so now we're a total of 16 riders... Staying a day at the lake, enjoying the view, drinking coffee and going for a swim would've been a good idea. But on the bike we all knew why we are doing this. We love the wind in our face, the sun on our skin and the pain in our legs. We love cycling! And this is why we keep on rolling.