RACE REPORT: RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships

RACE REPORT Fixed42 World Championships 2017, Berlin:

Quite often we say RAD RACE is like a family. Why, we do that? Because it’s like that. The whole weekend the whole RAD RACE team, almost all RAD PACK members and so many of our friends helping us to set this all up were all over Berlin to organize the race, to build up the Merchandise booth, to give away 700 starter kits…

Riders like Max, Fritz and Ben, who were injured, went with the rest of the crew to Ludwigsfelde to build up the stating zone and to support the crew and the team. You can imagine the build up of so many different spots (start, finish, expo booth plus the whole logistics for the race itself...) takes a lot of effort...

On race day I for myself decided to build up everything in the morning, change from jeans to skinsuit and to win the race. Well, the last thing obviously didn’t happen…

But what happened?

10:20am in Berlin. We just got a very small time gap between the 120km and the 180km Velothon road race to start the RAD RACE Fixed42 world championship (only 13 minutes). 600 people at the starting line, who all want to go as fast as possible, not a few to win the title "unofficial world champ of fixed gear racing".

Right after the neutralization the race went off really fast on the german Autobahn. Lots of riders were attacking and kept the average speed way above 50 km/h until we hit the border of Berlin city. Myself, Jan (Lietzke) and Simon (Heer) were always riding in the front of the peloton to avoid crashes and to have a good race overview.

In Berlin several riders tried to break away, but nobody could tear a gap big enough to get to the finish line. Roughly 50 riders formed the first peloton after the airfield Tempelhof. Although Stefan Schäfer, Eike Haumann, Nico Hesslich amongt others attacked, nobody made it in a breakaway anymore and we ended up in a super long sprint to the finish line.

Martino Poccianti from Team Cykeln Division Corse won the title in a super fast sprint in front of Davide Vigano (Cinelli Chrome) and David van Eerd (8bar).

But what was happening behind that group?

The women had a separate race 2 minutes after the start of the men. The highly motivated peloton was racing really fast. Lots of break aways kept the pace high, but also a strong team work kept the peloton together. The race ended up in a sprint and Jasmine Dotti (RD Carrera Squadara Corse) defended her title from last year. Karla Sommer (Team Schindelhauer Gates) and Nikki Kovacs (8bar) completed the podium.

Due to the much higher pace than last year the women pasted a few men groups, unfortunately also in the final sprint. Why wasn’t the 2 minutes gap a 10 minute gap? Because that’s all we got. When the men race starts the last riders fro the Velothon 120km race are still on the course and 4 minutes after the last fixed42 rider crossed the finish line the first riders from the 180km race were already in the final sprint. There is no more time buffer, but we hope that next year the slow men respect the women race a bit more!

However, racing with 600 people on fixed gear bikes on the german Autobahn and through Berlin is so much fun and I’m still stoked about the RAD RACE Fixed42 World Championships and being part of the orga crew.

by Jo Fischer