From Porto to Bordeaux // Stage 2

Porto – Bordeaux // Stage 2
Geres - Meiraos
The STRAVA track is HERE

203k. 4000m of altitude. The queen of all stages.
Well... we made it. 12 hours in the saddle. 203km. Almost 4.000 meters of altitude. We barely made it into the camp before dawn. We "woke up" at 7, started at 9. All 16 riders were psyched to ride the longest and toughest stage of all 9. The plan was to make a big break at 120k and a few shorters ones along the road. That worked out pretty well. We hit Spain after 30k or so and it was just unreal to see that not many years ago there was an actual border between Portugal and Spain. This is now gone and we were able to pass the now empty gate easily.

In the end nothing too crazy happened and we can let the amazing pics from Carlos Fernandez Laser speak for themselves. The only thing that stood out was the magic experience riding in the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine. Spain is just green colourful and heartwarming. We know that sounds cheezy but this country just has it all. Perfect roads and so many nice people along the way. And it's cheap too. 17 coffee and some cake: 17€.

No crashes, just 1-2 flats and sunshine made this the perfect sufferfest. We gotta sleep now. Sorry for beeing not too exciting today. 203k and 4000m of altitude just hurt. It's the plain truth.