Porto - Bordeaux // Stage 3

Seoane de Courel - Sena de Luna.
155.8km. 2.594m of altitude. How to survive a 100k climb...
The Strava Track is HERE

Today's stage 3 was another tough one. The day after the queen of stages with 200k and 4.000m of altitude. Waking up with only a couple hours of sleep felt more than terrible but we gotta make it to Bordeaux one way or another, right? The night was cold too and the breakfast light and then again we hit the road.

After 30k we already had more than 1.000m of altitude, so the hardest climbs already behind us. Just 30k more or less flat and still a nasty 100(k) ascent ahead of us. But we made it and arrived at the most beautiful campsite. The last 50k or so we had a great battle among ourselves. Everyone fought hard to win this stage. Funny thing though: Axel already took the crown (he broke away while no one was watching, speeding behind the team bus) so everyone just fought hard to get to 2nd place. A day like this is why we cycle. The whole crew working together, fighting, climbing and just having the best days of our year on the bike.

Photo Gallery by Carlos Fernandez Laser