Porto - Bordeaux // Stage 4

Porto – Bordeaux // Stage 4
Sena de Luna – Prada de Valdeon
168,7km. 2.600meters of altitude.

The STRAVA track is HERE

Sky’s the limit.

This feeling when you’re riding into the sky. This feeling when you feel the rain but it ain’t that. Just the clouds. You’re cold. You’re fighting your way up. More than you can bare. But you have to make it. And then suddenly you are above the rain. Above the clouds. The sun is out and it warms your skin. And then you’re going down with up to 100km/h. Well, that pretty much sums it all up.

We started the day in the mountains. First thing you see is your friends. Your bikes. Some tents. Having breakfast with your best friends. The sun is shining. You spend 10 hours in the saddle. The group split up and found itself again soon for an amazing Tapas break.

We could go on forever but now we’re just here, again in the sky. More than 1.200m above sea level. Tomorrow we’re going down to the beach... But so far enjoy Carlos Fernandez Laser’s photo set: