Porto - Bordeaux // Stage 8

Porto – Bordeaux // Stage 8
San Sebastian - Prechacq-les-Bains
170,1km. 2.338 meters of altitude.

The STRAVA track is HERE

This moment when your Di2 is empty and you're on your own. You don't really know where team bus is to pick you up. So you need two friends to push you more than 30k through a beautiful France... This sums it all up pretty much.

We started the day pretty wet. And believe us when we say: Camping sucks when it rains. Your stuff just don't get dry. You start a fucking 170k and 2.300m of altitude tour in pouring rain. Breakfast more or less in the van or not at all. Since there is no dry place to sit. Well, it is how it always is: if you endure the pain, if you help each other out - than it will most likely pay off! And it surely did. We got so much sun. We got an amazing route with very few cars and once again we stuck together and gave it all out for the finale 40k or so (average speed of around 40km/h).

Unfortunately it was already the second to last stage. Tomorrow is gonna be a flat 150k one. And we're all looking forward to it...

Here's the photo gallery by Carlos Fernandez Laser