RAD PACK goes to Euroeyes Cyclassics

Do you know the RAD RACE Battle on the Mönckebergstraße in Hamburg? 250m one on one sprinting in front of thousands of spectators on the main shopping street in Hamburg. Well, this race wouldn't exist without our friends of Euroeyes Cyclassics. We can use the blocked street on Saturday and we are really happy to start on Sunday at the 60km, 120km and 180km race as well. 

Although RAD RACE was founded in Münster, most of the CANYON RAD PACK team riders live in Hamburg. Therefore the Euroeyes Cyclassics is kind of our hometown race. Last year Max finished on place 3, Henne won the climbing classification and we got second in the team ranking. 

Yep, we love this race! That's why this year we'll start again with a big bunch of more than 12 riders in the 120km race. 

For anyone who wants to race one of the biggest road race in Germany register here: 

stay rad and see you there!