RAD PACK - Training data - Calpe

Our team is currently training in Calpe, Spain. That's much more fun than in cold Germany. Today we went out for a 150km ride with 2.583 meters of altitude. Jonas // Canyon RAD PACK  is using the Stages Power L Shimano Ultegra R8000 on his bikes. Read about his training today.

My plan was to ride mostly basic endurance during the whole training camp, because I nearly didn't do any long endurance rides this winter. In the first few days I realized my heart rate was pretty high during the whole training. Therefore I tried to really focus on riding basic endurance and not riding with too much power. In the first days I cycled quite often more than 200 watts, especially in the uphill sections. So today tried to focus on staying below that. Why do I do that? Well, I want to teach my body that the heart rate on the bike can also be quite low. In a race I want it to come down to recover faser from high intensities. Of course I also need to train high intensities, but not now. Again, this is not super scientific, I don't train with a training plan, but checking my power data and my heart rate should help me to plan my next months much easier.

Click the map to see my whole ride on STRAVA.

So that's what we did today: We started with a few easy hills and then climbed a long but not really step mountain. I focused on not using to much power as planed and it worked out pretty well. After a short descending we were on a high plateau with tons of hills. All of them step as fuck. There I sometimes overpaced to just get on top, but I tried to focus on keeping it slow. After a break at km 100 I was toasted. A big bocadio stuffed my stomach and I suffered the way up the last mountain. No chance to keep the heart rate low. Roughly 30km before the end I stopped to wait for our support vehicle. Unfortunately the others decided to start speeding up for the last few kilomters. So I tried to catch them, I invested way to much power, always between 200 - 300 watt, to get back to the group.

In the end my heart rate and power data should have been a bit lower, but ya... I don't want to miss the fun of overpacing sometimes. Don't forget - We are no pros, just a freakin' bunch of amateurs.

rad pack stages
rad pack stages