28°C – Dusty meadows – Sunburn – A Truck – Tons of pallets – A Pumptrack – Tag Team

Are you really talking about a cyclocross race? Yup.

Something Max and I always dreamed of is racing a CX race in the USA in hot/ dry conditions.
Races where it´s even allowed to grab a water bottle during the race, things that are sooooo far from the European cyclocross season. But for one day at this year’s Canyon Pure Cycling Festival we should at least get a taste of how things probably would feel.

The Rad Cross racing format was as uncommon as the weather, every team raced as a tag team so after each lap you just high five the other rider so he can start the next lap. But before the finals(20 Laps – 10 per rider) we had to race the qualification(12 laps – 6 per rider) which started with a Le Mans start. Due to the course set up we knew the starting position was crucial so we decided that Max would do the first lap being the stronger cyclocross rider. From the gun the race was all out you can tell that we both were a little bit over-motivated because we both crashed in our first lap and ended up with scratched knees – things that wouldn´t happen in a muddy cx race. After a few laps we and Biehler Factory Racing Team had a decent lead and could slow down the tempo for the last laps and save our legs for the finals.

After checking out the second heat and realizing that Stan Godrie and Gosse Van Der Meer(both pros) teamed up, we agreed that there will be a race for 2nd place. By the way we feel super honored to race “with” these guys which had a ton of fun and showed everyone how to destroy the course.
The qualification results decided the starting order for the finals which meant that we will start in the first row right next to Stan. Once again Max should be responsible to secure a good position in the first lap, which he did. After the first laps a super tight battle for second started between crossladen.de, Iltis Racing Team and us. Due to the huge starting field everyone had to struggle behind some slower riders which got lapped but in the end everyone had to work with it. The racing was tough going all out for 1:24min followed by 1:21min rest – THANKS MAX! Almost every lap positions changed and everyone waited for the other team to do a mistake on a course which didn´t have a lot of room to overtake.

The last 2 laps we gave it everything and after a small mistake in the last lap from me crossladen.de passed and I couldn´t close it while feeling the breath of Iltis Racing Team on my neck. I rolled through the finish line straight into Max where we celebrated our 3rd place.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and especially to Canyon for the great support!