RACE REPORT: Fritz - You win some, you lose some... skin!

After a solid second place from the previous year at Water Kant Krit, we as a team wanted to do well again this year at our home town race. There were some big names on the start list, 8bar with everything they have, Holland, Stefan Schäfer, Alec Briggs with most of the big German names on the start grid. Our plan was riding the race more passive and reacting to the attacks of the other riders.

At the start for the RAD PACK: Moritz Turbo Emre, Ben Schnabel, Henning Hüttepohl, John Göhner & Mysel.

Right from the start, 8bar Team were very active, they attacked alternately and controlled the permanent high speed. We as Radpack were able to respond to the attacks and place our riders in the smaller breaks. The last third of the race, the whole field was long drawn with small groupettos, with John and Fritz in the front in best positions. Then, unfortunately, the yellow flag was waved, it soon changed to a red flag meaning the race had to stop and for a brief moment while paramedics attended to a fallen rider. We hope he makes a full recovery soon!

As we lined up for the restart, all riders were well recovered. The bunch of riders that were about to be lapped before the race stopped counted their lucky stars as they were able to rejoin. With six laps remaining the race restarted, John, Moritz and, unfortunately, did not have the best start, so we found ourselves at the very end of the field. In the second-to-last lap, we still had not fought our way back up to the front. So, I got John to my rear wheel, and I tried to lead him out, the plan was working and then, disaster! I came out a bit too fast in the second last right-hand turn, I took the corner wide, it wasn’t until at that second, I realised the floor was sandy, and I lost some control.

So, I jumped up on the curb to slide down on the floor as safely as I could, but, I hit the barrier and found myself on the other side of the track! Luckily, I managed to stop just before the bus stop as it could have been much worse crashing at 45kmh. Thank God I only lost some skin but still, it is annoying and unnecessary, but these types of crashes are guaranteed during such an adrenaline-charged fixed gear race if you are not able to stay clear in your mind every second like I did! John was able to hit the corner well and sprint up as many positions as he could, but with such a strong field of teams, he could only place himself in 11th place.

All in all, we all had a blast at the Water Kant Krit, we love to see our international friends in our home town of Hamburg, and we can’t wait to rub elbows again at the next event!

Words - Fritz Ferner