RAD TRAVELS is us making our dreams come true: Travel the world. On our bikes.
Because in our strange way of life the ideal of happiness includes a bike and some friends. That's basically all we need.

We feel very blessed to be able to ride THE most amazing bike adventures. The main idea is to ride something similar to a pro tour: with a fixed track route and daily stops and a crew bus that has everything you need: a mechanic, some new tubes and tires and some food and drinks. So at least once a year you can feel like a pro rider. 

Ride safe wherever you are. Stop racism - start raceism.


The best vacation every year. Getting with you friends on your bike to ride 9 days from A to B. This year we crossed three countries, starting in Portugal, crossing Spain and finishing in France. We saw the Atlantic, the Piccos and the Pyrenees. We stopped for coffee in front of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, in the vibrant city San Sebastian and in the middle of nowhere. Check the tracks and the Pics... Maybe you'd like to cycle there as well. 

3. stage: Seoane de Courel - Sena de Luna // 155.8km // 2.594m of altitude

4. stage: Sena de Luna – Prada de Valdeon // 168,7km // 2.600meters of altitude

5. stage: Prada de Valdeon - San Vicente // 105,7km // 1.559 meters of altitude.

6. stage: San Vicente - Orinon // 120,9km // 1.459 meters of altitude

7. stage: Orinon - San Sebastian // 170,2km // 3.036 meters of altitude

8. stage: San Sebastian - Prechacq-les-Bains // 170,1km // 2.338 meters of altitude

9. stage: Prechacq-les-Bains - Bordeaux // 150,3km // 457 meters of altitude



From Roma to Milano in 9 days. 17 friends. 9 stages. 1.375km. Appr. 25.000 meters of altitude. On Canyon Aeroad CF SLX bikes. 2 guys behind the camera. Supported by ABUS Helmets, Oakley shades and Heimplanet tents, Fed by Clif Bar and some amazing Gore Bike Wear outfits. What a sufferfest. An average of 152k and 2.427,66 meters of altitude every day!!! We can seriously tell you: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Here are all Trailers from this epic ride over the Alps & Dolomites and thorugh Tuscany...


RAD PACK TRAINING CAMP - mallorca 2015

Setting the basis for the 2015 season in our annual training camp on the beautiful island Mallorca combining friends from different crews from all over Germany. From March 31st - April 8th 2015...




Here's the complete tour diary and tons of pictures on the HEIMPLANET website.

Pic by Lars Schneider // OUTDOOR VISIONS.

Pic by Lars Schneider // OUTDOOR VISIONS.



The RAD RACE x AURORA "Tour De España" from Cadiz on the spanish atlantic coast to Barcelona from October 8th - October 18th 2015 on Canyon Bikes... 1.483k and endless climbs (18.000km of altitude) with 15 riders from different crews all over Germany.