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When we founded the RAD RACE, the idea was to bring rad riders of all disciplines together. We always felt great on our bikes. The only way to feel even better was to ride with our friends in one team. That's why we formed our own pack. The primary goal of the RAD PACK was not to win races, but to have as much fun as possible at wild and crazy bike events. Not the usual spandex shit. We just wanted to have a good time with awesome people and support our friends with travel costs and hard-& software from some of the most amazing partners out there that believe in what we do. Think of us as a couple of friends that love cycling, nature and wild races of course. So this is it. This is the RAD PACK.




The idea of an own RAD RACE Cycling Team with Fixed Gear & Road Bike riders came up in the summer of 2013 when we started RAD RACE. We got to know so many awesome people through the RAD RACE events that we just felt we needed to see them more often. To race together. To have a great time. Travel on our bikes. To just do what we love. Cycling with a bunch of the best people. And these are the team members:



 The Rad Pack – Race Reports


Feel free to check out our race reports from all the events and travels that we're involved in.



The Rad pack – Team Set Up

Thank you so much to the most amazing partners & supporters who believe in our dream. This is what we ride, wear, eat.


The Bike

The Shades

The Helmet

The Team Apparel


The Wheels

The Street Wear

The Saddle

The Nutrition



The Rad Pack - Grand Tours

It's about racing with your friends and having the time of your life.
Because life is better in Bib shorts.


Porto - Bordeaux

1.400km between two cities which might sound similar if you pronounce them wrong. On our way along the Atlantic coastline we didn't just see the ocean, but also lot's of mountains. Food, nature and streets of three different countries made it to an exciting trip for all 17 of us. 

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Tour d'Iceland

We cycled Iceland in the summer of 2015. On CX Bikes. We rode whatever came our way and on as much gravel as possible. We were sleeping in our Heimplanet tents wherever it was green. This is the story of 8 idiots underestimating Iceland.

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Tour d'Espana

From the Atlantic Ocean to Barcelona. From Cadiz through the complete southern part of Spain on an epic ride that brought 14 of us to the edge of complete exhaution. Half the Tour De France but in half of the time, too. 1483km, 18.000m of altitude.

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Tour d'Italia

15 friends from Roma through Tuscany, over the Dolomites and the Alps to Milano. The "In Velo Veritas" film documentary will come soon on our Vimeo channel. On this trip we climbed 3 times the Mount Everst on around 1.400km... 

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Tour de Skandinavia

This is the trip that started the whole idea of "RAD TRAVELS". Friends on fixed gear and road bikes from Hamburg to Oslo through Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The Kids All Ride.

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