RAD RACE Tour de friends

a mixture of stage ride, group ride and LONG DISTANCE alley cat

We had a big dream - well, to be accurate it was more like an idea. To do something truly epic and by looking at our small company: something big! To ride across the alps with 500 friends. A stage ride that crosses paths with a lot of well-known traditions but furthermore that tries to bring back something that often lacks priority in other bike events: COMMUNITY AND FRIENDSHIP.

Now the first two editions of the RAD RACE Tour de Friends are in the books and we knew right away that we had to do this f***ing great stageride again. Down below is the WAITING LIST for the Tour de Friends 2020 in Colombia and Munich to Venice. Sign Up if you wanna join us in 2020. You will hear any news first and you will also get the registration link 24hrs before anyone else.

Also here is the registration for Tour de Friends 3 from Augsburg to Feltre, July 7-13 2019. Just click the orange button.

RAD RACE Tour de Friends

The RAD RACE Tour de Friends idea: A team stage ride from one city to another. Road bike, fixed gear or cross bike – your choice. Several days riding, block party every evening for all riders on the piazzas along the trip with local treats. Included are equipment transport, accommodation, and food along the way. All you need to arrange is how to get your bike and bags to the starting line. Feel like a pro rider for a few days. But without the competition. You can make it a race, but no one cares. It’s about riding with your friends and having the time of your life.

RAD RACE Tour de Friends

It's not a stage race with blocked roads and a mass start! All stages are not car-free and the roads are not blocked! The course leads us mainly through rural areas but with little traffic.

For orientation during the ride, you can use your own GPS devices and our STRAVA tracks. There will be professional timekeeping for all stages, but always keep in mind: This tour is about going on an epic ride with friends, not about being faster than anybody else. 

The start of each stage works like this: Every 60 seconds one team starts until all teams are on the road. There will be escort vehicles hauling your equipment and one at the rear to pick up riders who can’t continue or have technical problems.

RAD RACE Tour de Friends
RAD RACE Tour de Friends

Three Editions to choose from!

We are currently working on 2 different tracks for 2019 and 2020. You can sign up for TdF3 and pre-register for TdF4 here:

RAD RACE Tour de Friends I & II - Munich to Venice

Crossing the Alps on four stages. On the #MUCVCE bike path. Probably the “easiest” way. 600km - 5.700m elevation. Likely in September 2020. Registration will open December 10 2019.

RAD RACE Tour de Friends III - Augsburg to Feltre

Crossing the Alps on five stages with many passes and if you want also the mighty Passo Stelvio. 700km - 11.000m elevation, July 07-13. 2019. Registration is here: JUST CLICK THE ORANGE BUTTON.

RAD RACE Tour de Friends IV - Colombia

It seems this will become reality in 2020 and we’re leading up to 500 riders from Bogota to Cali. March 20-30 2020. There will most likely be 3 price categories: A) for colombians without plane tickets B) for germans with plane tickets C) for german/ international riders without plane tickets. You can make the down payment HERE to save your spot. JUST CLICK THE ORANGE BUTTON:

Here’s the TOUR PREVIEW and here’s the full documentary about our testride for the 2020 event: