RAD RACE Tour de friends

a mixture of stage ride, group ride and LONG DISTANCE alley cat

We had a big dream - well, to be accurate it was more like an idea. To do something truly epic and by looking at our small company: something big! To ride across the alps with 500 friends. A stage ride that crosses paths with a lot of well-known traditions but furthermore that tries to bring back something that often lacks priority in other bike events: COMMUNITY AND FRIENDSHIP.

After making this dream come true for three consecutive years, we now decided to “1-up” this whole thing and take everybody to Latin America!


Here is the registration for Tour de Friends 4 from Bogotá to Cali, March 21-29 2020. Just click the orange button.

RAD RACE TOUR DE FRIENDS pic by Bjoern Reschabek

RAD RACE TOUR DE FRIENDS pic by Bjoern Reschabek

The RAD RACE Tour de Friends idea: A team stage ride from one city to another. Road bike, fixed gear or cross bike – your choice. Several days riding, block party every evening for all riders on the piazzas along the trip with local treats.
Included are equipment transport, accommodation, and food along the way. All you need to arrange is how to get your bike and bags to the starting line. Feel like a pro rider for a few days. But without the competition. You can make it a race, but no one cares. It’s about riding with your friends and having the time of your life.

It's not a stage race with blocked roads and a mass start! All stages are not car-free and the roads are not blocked! The courses lead us mainly through rural areas with little traffic but traffic laws always need to be followed.

For orientation during the ride, you will use your own GPS devices and supply you with detailed STRAVA tracks.
Always keep in mind: This tour is about going on an epic ride with friends, not about being faster than anybody else. 

The start of each stage works like this: Every 60 seconds one team starts until all teams are on the road. There will be escort vehicles hauling your equipment and being there for riders who can’t continue or have technical problems.


RAD RACE Tour de Friends IV - Colombia

It’s really on: In 2020 and we’re leading up to 400 riders from Bogota to Cali. March 21-29 2020.

Here’s the TOUR PREVIEW and here’s the full documentary about our testride for the 2020 event:


TDF IV COLOMBIA and then what?

We are currently evaluating options for a follow-up TDF-event to the Colombia edition and we’ll keep you guys posted once we know what’s up.

What happened so far:

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